Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Diversion...

I came here intending to extend my thoughts about civility and reasoned debate within the context of yesterday's tragic shooting in Arizona. I was going to make a reasoned, rational argument for decorum and decency in public life. I was going to make some fancy references to Buddhist philosophy and the teachings of the Dalai Lama about how compassion and loving-kindness should be the essence of our interaction with the sentient beings with whom we share the planet.

But when I got to the blog dashboard, I saw my brother had updated his blog, so I took a minute to read it. It actually took several minutes because he did a very thorough job of expressing himself - for better or worse, it's a trait we share: brevity in writing is not our strength.

Steve's thoughts about his year, and what he learned, saw, felt and experienced were very humbling, and I came to realize in those few minutes that he is a truly incredible person. He is going through so much yet concentrates not on his burden but on those he loves and their welfare.

I would do well to follow him at least as much as I do the Dalai Lama for his example is here in my DNA and made clear by being wrapped not in esoteric beliefs but in the experiences we've shared.

Thank you, Steve. You're an awesome brother and an incredible young (I can say that) man.

I love you!